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2037-08-01 11:04 pm
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Network Interface Portal

Online Alias: Wahya

Security Level: 3
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2037-06-11 05:34 pm
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Eliot's HMD

As the header says this is a place for anyone to leave RP related concrit. I can't promise to follow every suggestion, but I will read it and make every effort to learn from it.
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2012-07-24 07:24 pm

Eliot's non-game threads

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2012-07-17 10:15 pm
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Concerning Freedom

[Eliot wanders through the greenhouse. It's been almost three weeks since they'd last gone out. Soon, they'll go again. He doesn't know whether he looks forward to seeing the world outside this building again or dreaded what they'll do while they're out. They almost never just take a walk or just go to the store. No, everything has to be combined with some piece of this... Well, this war it seems Pamela can't stop fighting.

He sighs, trying to ignore the way her plants seem to try to follow him as he walks past them. It feels eerie, almost like something out of a horror movie. Idly, he wonders what his family is doing. There's a three hour time difference between Gotham and Seattle, so they're probably still rushing around the house, getting Alec and Parker ready for school. He wonders if they still think about him anymore.

He's broken out of his thoughts by the sound of crashing pottery.]
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2012-07-03 10:33 pm
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Eliot Bio for New Babylon

| CANON: Leverage
| NAME: Eliot Spencer
| CANON POINT: End of Season 4
| AGE: 37
| APPEARANCE: Eliot is approximately 5'10" tall with a muscular build. He has shoulder-length brown hair and blue eyes. He carries himself as a fighter. He has a tattoo on his lower right leg.
| PERSONALITY: Eliot is first and foremost a protector. With the weight of guilt that he carries over his past, he views it as his responsibility to protect his team from everything from bodily harm to psychological harm, both at the hands of their marks and as a result of their own choices.

He has a short temper and prefers to solve any altercations with physical force. This being said, he can be amazingly patient with a victim and people he cares about. He can also more than hold his own in a verbal argument.

Although he tends to come across as the dumb muscle, he is actually extremely intelligent. He often picks up in subtle indicators that everyone else misses, such as scents, body language, or even the significance of someone's footwear.

Eliot does not trust easily or quickly. His past and his job have led him to be a loner, reluctant to connect with anyone new. However, once you win his trust, he gives you his complete loyalty. He prefers to follow a leader but can easily take up that mantle himself when he must. His loyalty is coupled with an almost brutal honesty. If he thinks you are making a bad choice, he will tell you. But if you go ahead with it, he will back your play no matter what. The only way to lose his loyalty is to betray his trust and he almost never gives second chances after that.
| POWERS & ABILITIES: As a former member of Special Forces and enforcer, Eliot has specialized fighting skills and some training as a field medic. He is highly trained with firearms but will only use a gun when facing otherwise insurmountable odds. His hand to hand skills are such that he can hold his own against a handful of gunmen. He often carries throwing knives which he is equally skilled with. Eliot also can cook as a professional chef should he choose. He can blend in with his environment fairly easily. Eliot has a keen sense of direction, even able to determine how far and in which direction while handcuffed in the back of a van. Further skill-related details are listed in his wikia bio.
| ECONOMIC STANDING, EQUIPMENT & PETS: Eliot carries a pair of throwing knives in a shoulder holster/harness. He also wears steel-toed boots. His economic standing is currently very dubious as he has just arrived in New Babylon with all the related expenses and challenges that brings.

| ALIASES: Wahya
| PROFESSION: To be determined
| CONNECTIONS: To be determined
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2012-06-11 05:23 pm
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Sample for TheGames

I look around me at the cold, sterile room. "Twenty-four go in, only one comes out." The words ring in my mind. I know I can do it. It's not as if I haven't killed before. The gun fight with Chapman and Moreau's men from last year comes to mind. Even Nate had said I would need to become a killer again, even before that, but he didn't mean for real. This?This just makes me sick. What's the chance that any one of my fellow tributes actually deserves what we'll face in the arena? I laugh bitterly. And I thought Moreau was bad.

If my crew were with me, maybe we could pull off a con in the few days before the Games start. I can't help a smile at the thought. Hardison would give everyone fits. I can see him hacking into the camera feeds, blacking out the worst of it, or just raining digital fire on their heads. Sophie would be in her element, blending in, gaining everyone's trust and turning them against each other. Parker would find the true gems in the midst of all the Capitol bling, those truly understated treasures that can bring this place to its knees. And Nate... He'd tell us how and when to cover each other. I guess I'd be the distraction, creating some kind of chaos in the Arena whenever they needed to slip in somewhere unseen. But they're not here. And, really? I don't want them to be. Because I couldn't get them all out of that Arena together. Perhaps, if I survive the Arena, I'll be able to find a way back to them. In the mean time, I guess I'll just have to see how much I can stick it to the Capitol without getting myself killed.